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To spend a real moment of fun with family, friends or colleagues, we offer an escape game in the basement of the hotel.

  • Principle : you have an hour to leave the room
  • Secret to escape : a thorough search, reflection and especially excellent communication between you!
  • Number of people : between 2 and 5 participants
  • Price : function of day and number of people
    • Monday to Thursday: € 19 per person for 5 players, € 21 per person for 4 players, € 23 per person for 3 players, € 30 per person for 2 players
    • from Friday to Sunday: € 23 per person for 5 players, € 25 per person for 4 players, € 27 per person for 3 players, € 35 per person for 2 players
  • Schedules of the game sessions : You will find them on the booking site. If you would like a different time slot, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A fantasy world

Will you be able to get out of our enchanted forest?

The scenario

An enchanted forest, inhabited by strange characters, a witch, maybe not so nice that it seems ...

And a spell to lift to regain your freedom and probably save your skin.

Between magic and fantasy, come and thrill with your team!


The world of World War II

Save Dijon's heritage

The scenario

August 1944, German troops are preparing to leave the city of Dijon.

Kurt Vo Behr, Head of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg in France, asked that 4 major works of the Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon be placed temporarily in the cellar of the Hotel des Ducs.

These 4 major works will be sent to Berlin in the coming days.

Members of the “Monuments Men” Unit, will you succeed in saving these works?


A Medieval World

Live an adventure in the heart of the legends of the Middle Ages.

The scenario

You have been contacted by your friend archaeologist Laurent Verdille who for the past month has started excavations in the basement of the hotel des Ducs in Dijon.

He notified you by email that he needed your help, saying he was close to making an important discovery but could not tell you more because he felt he was being followed and threatened.

He asks you to continue his research while he participates to a congress of archaeologists in Paris.

By participating in this game session, you will discover part of the heritage and history of Dijon.

Salle Nautillus de l'Escape Game le défi des Ducs à Dijon


A Jules Verne universe

Experience an adventure in the Nautilus, the submarine from the novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".

The scenario

You are part of the crew of the Nautilus, the submarine of the famous Captain Nemo.

Following a breakdown, the Nautilus is stuck in the deep sea and Captain Nemo needs your help to get his ship back on track.

Your adventure will be full of pitfalls and wonderful discoveries. So, are you up to the challenge?