You will find below the measures that we are preparing in order to welcome you to the Hôtel des Ducs in the best sanitary conditions.

Mesures sanitaires de l'hôtel des ducs durant l'épidémie de Covid 19

Our Team

  • Taking the temperature every morning
  • Wearing a mask
  • Hand cleaning every 30 minutes
  • Wearing gloves and charlotte in the kitchen
Panneau Bienvenue à dijon de l'hôtel des Ducs


  • Reception with plexiglass protection
  • Marking on the ground to guarantee a minimum distance of one meter between 2 people
  • Wearing the mask requested from customers in common areas
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available
  • Systematic disinfection of room cards given to guests
  • Preferred contactless payment
Petit déjeuner


  • Breakfast Buffet replaced by Breakfast Baskets
  • Possibility to have breakfast in the breakfast room or in your room
  • Respect of a distance of one meter between groups of table in the breakfast room
  • Wearing gloves and charlottes in the kitchen
  • Maximum number of persons allowed in each common area
Vue d'ensemble d'une chambre double


  • No cleaning during the stay this year
  • Use of an ozone generator for the disinfection of rooms between 2 guests
  • High temperature cleaning of sheets/towels
Fournisseur de l'hôtel des ducs à dijon - abricots


  • No entry of delivery men in the hotel
  • Protocol for disinfection of delivered goods

Escape Game

  • We welcome groups in separate areas in order to guarantee physical distance
  • Wearing of the mask by game masters 
  • Hand washing before and after the game session
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel in rooms
  • Thorough cleaning of the rooms between each team with the use of an atmosphere and surface disinfectant